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"Success is how high you bounce when you hit rock bottom."

George Patton
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Web Site Maintenance

You have a Web site:

Is your Web site maintenance and updating getting lost in the shuffle? Doing it in your spare time seemed like a great idea a few months ago, but now you donít have spare time and your Web site is looking increasingly dated. When the Website went up, everybody wanted to be part of it. Now that itís there and needs to be changed, everyone has remembered they have other work to do.

You want a Web site:

But you worry about the new demands keeping it current will place on your company. Will you have to hire a webmaster? Train someone on the necessary software? Trust to that intern who seems to know a lot about computers? We can design and build a great Web site for you, but it doesnít end there. We can also stay with you, be there whenever you need to make changes, big or small. Itís a lot cheaper than hiring a webmaster.

iCATís WebMaster Plans:

We can commit to a relationship with our clients. Our experience has given us insight into what our clients need in a long-term relationship. You probably want responsiveness, familiarity with your Web site, and the ability to predict costs and budget accordingly. Our inexpensive WebMaster plans are tailored to meet the different needs of our clients. Just choose the level that you need and contact us for pricing.
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